Signs that you need a replacement lock

Is your lock difficult to lock or stiff?

In most cases this is the warning sign that your lock may be about to break, KLS Locks can repair all types of from five lever deadlocks to garage door lock repairs we can also repair locks on gates and sheds.  If a repair isn’t practical we can provide advice on the latest security standards to comply with insurance and police recommendations.

Is your key difficult to turn? Are you spending ages wiggling your key in the lock or does it seem to work sometimes and not others?

Locks wear out and when they are worn they don’t work as well as they should. If you think of a lock like the brakes on your car – over time the metal wears and it becomes less effective.  If your lock is worn in some cases you can have it re-keyed or repinned but often the cost makes it more suitable to have it replaced.

Lock Replacement Yale Multipoint door lock

Lock Repair

We won’t always recommend a new lock if we think that we can repair it. However sometimes it makes more sense for longevity of the repair and for security that a new lock is installed.